Troy High School

Enrollment Information for 2015-2016
First Day of School:  August 10, 2015 
Enrollment Contacts:
Registrar:   Desiree Martinez -- 714-626-4426
Data Tech: Susan Reese  -- 714-626-4417
For All Students: To enroll at Troy High School, you must live within the Troy High School attendance boundaries. If you are not sure, please see the link below to determine your school of attendance. Once you have determined that Troy High School is your "home school", you will need the following to enroll:
  • Proof of Residence: Two proofs of residence are required to enroll – a current utility bill (gas, water or electric only) AND mortgage or lease agreement. These items must be in the parent/guardian name.
  • Driver’s License: It must have the address you are enrolling with.
  • Birth Certificate: All students are enrolled with their legal name as it appears on their birth certificate or Passport.
  • Immunization Record: All immunizations must be up-to-date. California law now requires all students have proof of pertussis/whooping cough (Tdap) shot. If you are enrolling from outside of Orange County, you must have had a TB skin test within the last 18 months.
  • Withdrawal from Previous School: This should show withdrawal grades.
  • Unofficial Transcript: The transcript will be used by the Counselor to determine appropriate course placement.
  • Standardized Test Scores: If you are coming from another California high school, please provide a copy of your student’s scores from any State tests your student has taken: CAHSEE (California High School Exit Exam) or CELDT (California English Language Development Test for English Learners). You can obtain copies from your previous school or from the original report mailed home. If you have a language other than English and you do not have your test results from your previous school, a CELDT test will be required before you can be placed in classes.
  • Special Education/504: If you student has been identified for one of these programs, please provide a copy of the latest IEP (Individual Education Plan) or Section 504 Plan.
Once you have all of this required information for enrollment, please bring it to Desiree Martinez, Registrar, during regular school hours (7:30 am – 3:30 pm Monday through Friday) to schedule an appointment with a Counselor for course selection.