Troy High School

Graduation Requirements 

Course Area Academic Studies *
Years Required Total Units
English 4 years
(the sequence of courses is English I, II, and III, and 10 additional units of English electives)
Social Science 3 Years
(the sequence of courses is 10 units of World History, 9th or 10th grade;10 units of United States History, 11th grade; 5 units of United States Government and 5 units of Economics, 12th grade)
Mathematics 3 years
(1 year must be earned in Algebra 1 or higher course)
2 years
(including 10 units of a life science and 10 units of a physical science, both laboratory courses)
Foreign Language
Visual/Performing or Applied Arts
1 years foreign language or visual/performing arts 10
Health Ed. 1/4 year 2.5
Phys. Ed. 2 years 20
Elective Courses   65
Total Units   217.5
* Each year is equivalent to 10 units. ** Including Life and Physical Science.